Thursday August 21st 2014

Trifecta Unit Coming Soon!

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Free Mockingbird Unit

I have slowly been adding curriculum to the site, yet already THOUSANDS of educators have downloaded my Romeo and Juliet Starter Unit. I’ve found many of you are interested in my Famous Facebook Profiles for Character Analysis, which I have also included here with characters from To Kill a Mockingbird. Just like my very popular Romeo and Juliet Unit, this packet has quizzes, midterms, and a final exam, as well as a few strategies and handouts that might be helpful for new teachers, or teachers who are overwhelmed and unsupported (which seems to be almost all of us, right?).

This is not a full unit, and not meant to be representative of how I teach TKAM. There are just a few things here that I think would be a good place to start for good teachers to build on. I remember when I was a first year teacher thinking I would kill for a couple handouts, a quiz or two and a final exam. Well, that’s what I have here, and to me there isn’t any better book to teach than Harper Lee’s classic.

I hope it helps. Feel free to comment this page at the bottom and tell me if it helped. And go ahead and subscribe to Teach 4 Real on the right hand side of my website. You will get one email every week (or two:) with one of my articles on what it is like teaching at a low-income urban public school. Plus many of my articles have links to curriculum I’ve developed, with Lesson Plans and Handouts.

This Packet Includes:

-Double Entry Journal Graphic Organizer (GO)

-Vocabulary for TKAM

-Trial Organizer GO

-Atticus’ Closing Argument GO

-Midterm Exam for Chapters 1-11 (Part One)

-TKAM Final Exam

-Matt’s Famous Facebook Profiles for Character Analysis (Newly Updated)

-From the Blog: Using Facebook Profiles for Character Analysis

-Sample of my full Mango Street Unit


Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “Free Mockingbird Unit”

  1. Kimberley Gilles says:

    Hi, Matt!

    Would you like to add a lesson on religious hypocrisy to go with the chapter when Aunt Alexandra has the missionary society “ladies” over for tea? I also have some wonderful writing assignments that I would share. I don’t tach in an urban school now, but I did for 18 years. I think the lessons would work!


  2. Kelly Donofro says:

    Do you have an answer key for your To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Test you could send me?

    • Sorry I do not. I usually just grade the top student’s test, and use it as a master. I then have my TAs grade all the character matching, true/false, and multiple choice stuff.

  3. Alex Forte says:

    I teach this novel to my 8th graders and we do a mock trial every year. They love it. I find it an interesting way to incorporate information about our legal and judicial systems, as well as to discuss any current trial events in the news.

  4. Kyle Post says:

    I teach 9th grade English 1 Honors and I didn’t know if I was supposed to fill out the Facebook Profiles myself and hang them around the room, but I edited the profile page slightly and turned it onto a worksheet for the students to fill out after they finish the book. I think they will love certain parts of it and hate other parts of it.

    • Kyle,
      The Facebook profiles are definitely meant for the students to fill out. They should do a Profile Page and Wall (2 sided copy in the copy machine). This is an activity for character analysis, and there are a host of literary analysis standards you can back this up with.

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