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Wednesday May 27th 2015

Mango Street Unit

Teaching Mango Street For Real
Teaching Mango Street For Real
Designed for Real Teachers in Real Classrooms. This Unit provides the best curriculum for teaching urban students the classic "The House on Mango Street" from both an Autobiographical Narrative and Literary Analysis approach. It is a must have for culture-based writing and inner-city education.
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Newly Updated For the Common Core!!

Testimonial from a real teacher:

“I love using the guided writing prompts to create vignettes for “House”, “Hairs”, “My Name”, etc. The students really love sharing what they create from those. I think it helps them understand how to write vignettes and successfully use figurative language. There are a ton of fantastic activities and I actually have a hard time fitting them all in! The last two years we have done the final project and created books, this year we are having a “Cafe Night” and students will put their work on display for the first time, many are excited to share writing from this text. I think the best part is that they are able to get their life experiences from living in Milwaukee’s roughest neighborhoods expressed in their own style of writing with guidance from Cisneros’ techniques and your detailed plans! Thanks tons!”

Diana Jones

High School Teacher

BELOW is a sneak peek at everything you get for the cost of three frappuccinos!

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Table of Contents

-Pedagogical Philosophy for teaching Autobiographical Narratives with House on Mango Street by Matt Amaral

-Pedagogical Philosophy for teaching Literary Analysis with House on Mango Street by Dan Guerrero

Introduction to our Pacing Guide

-6-week Unit Pacing Guide/Scope and Sequence

Autobiographical Narratives

-Autobiographical Narrative Prewriting and Prompts by Chapter

-Autobiographical Narrative Lesson Plans and Corresponding Handouts

-Lesson Plan: My House

+Prewriting Handout

-Lesson Plan: Hairs

+Prewriting Handout

-Lesson Plan: My Name

+Prewriting Handout

-Lesson Plan: My Neighbor

+Prewriting Handout

-2 Day Lesson Plan: Avoiding Cliches/ Simile Battle

+Handout: Writing Devices

Extra Lesson Plans

-Lesson Plan: Sally

-Lesson Plan: My Street Says Goodbye

Literary Analysis

-Lesson Plan: Marking It Up


-Lesson Plan: Inference Tables


+Components of a Literary Analysis Paragraph

+Handout Writing a Literary Analysis Paragraph Using Your Inference Tables

-Lesson Plan: LitMaps


+Student Examples

Protocols for Editing/ Workshops/Project/Essay/Exam

-Vignette Project

-Lesson Plan: Editing Narratives

+Editing Guide for Students and Teacher

-Lesson Plan: Writing Workshops


-Literary Analysis Essay

+Handout: Writing Paragraphs

+Peer Editing Rubric

-HOMS Final Exam

Vocabulary Warmup/ Cooldown/ Filler

-Lesson Plan: Vocab Cheat Sheet


+Teacher Participation Log

Teaching Tips from Matt’s Blog:

Working the Rows


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  2. Ryann G says:

    Are the lessons aligned to the common core standards?

    • The Mango Street Unit is now updated for the Common Core. There are many lesson plans with very exact standards attached to them. Specifically, this unit focuses on Narrative Writing, but also many LRA standards that get students to analyze and recognize figurative language, writing techniques, and things like character, plot, setting, tone, mood, symbol and conflict.

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