Monday September 22nd 2014

Free Trifecta Unit: Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Fahrenheit 451

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Education is Personal, Not Corporate

With the school year rapidly approaching, we've decided to highlight some other voices around the educational world. Here are some great thoughts from teacher extraordinaire Kimberely Gilles.Education is Personal, Not CorporateOkay, here’s [...]

We Just Don’t Get It: Education is ALL About the Teachers

We Just Don’t Get It: Education is ALL About the Teachers

As I often peruse articles on education, I am forever baffled by the lack of any meaningful ideas about the direction of education. The only plans that seem to be out there have to do with curtailing collective bargaining rights, evaluating [...]

STAR Testing: The Farce Begins Anew

STAR Testing: The Farce Begins Anew

Today teachers in my school district get to stand in front of our students and say the following: “Hey kids, you are about to take a test that is almost meaningless. It doesn’t count for anything, but we want you to do your best [...]

An Overdue Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,We’ve had this conversation before, so this time I wanted to write it down with the hope that next time you have the same question, I can simply refer you to this letter. It is an important letter because it seems to carry in it [...]

Grade Inflation: Another Way Our Low-Income Kids Get Left Behind

Grade Inflation: Another Way Our Low-Income Kids Get Left Behind

Every year in my sheltered, intervention English class, we read Left Behind (Also known as Two Old Women evidently), a short novel by Velma Wallis about a Native American tribe in Alaska. In the story, which has been passed down by Athabascans for [...]

Are We Value-Adding Non-Students?

With teacher evaluations being posted for the public to see, maybe we need to see some other things posted too. Below is a pretty common transcript of a Sophomore at my high school—this is not an actual student’s transcript, but looking at a [...]

Should English Teachers Get Paid More?

Should English Teachers Get Paid More?

Okay, so I’m biased right off the bat. Let's get that out of the way.Everyone knows we need to increase teacher pay. Everyone knows it, yet no one seems to be doing anything about it. There are Teacher Evaluation Programs being designed and [...]

Where is the Mexican Atticus Finch?

Issues with Latino LiteratureSometimes I worry about what I am teaching my students when we read Latino Literature. Here’s my biggest gripe: In order for these novels to properly reflect the lives of our students of color, why do the male [...]

Why Do We Always Talk About Teachers, Not Administrators?

The discourse in education always disproportionately focuses on teachers, as if we are the root of all school evils. We never talk about ineffective Superintendents who make $250,000 a year but still need an $800 a month car allowance in a [...]

Should Students Get to Evaluate Teachers? I Think So.

The debate about evaluating teachers is heating up. It isn’t heating up in any kind of real discussion by those who want to become president—they’d rather focus on whether or not to build an oil pipeline through one of our largest water [...]

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