Thursday July 31st 2014

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Making Education Look Good

When you ask a classroom full of high school students who wants to be a teacher, they start laughing so hard it’s almost impossible to bring the class back to order. “A teacher?” They cry. “Why would anyone want to be a teacher?”And [...]

Redefining HIGH School

Redefining HIGH School

To say marijuana is a problem at my school is a gross understatement. There is a tree next to the gas station across the street from campus where students smoke weed almost every morning at 7:30 AM. I drive by and see groups of wannabes huddled in [...]

REALITY: Punching a Teacher not an Expellable Offense

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year and a half now. I originally started writing to bring light to the REAL face of education in this country, specifically the broken, pale, drawn face of our low-income public schools. Today’s entry, [...]

America’s Real Immigrant Problem

America’s Real Immigrant Problem

I was recently talking to a teacher from another district who has more undocumented students than my district. His high school has a larger Latino immigrant population, and therefore his students face obstacles in their everyday lives most people [...]

Teaching SLAM Poetry Using Occupy Anger

Teaching SLAM Poetry Using Occupy Anger

I am in the middle of a Slam Poetry Unit, and I cannot think of a better way to teach it than by using the Occupy movement to teach social justice. Let’s be honest, Saul Williams, Mos Def, Russel Simmons, and the other founders of Slam Poetry and [...]

Khan Academy: What’s the Big Deal?

On Friday, Jeb Bush held a National Summit on Education Reform here in the Bay Area at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel. Fittingly, not a single teacher was in attendance—although quite a few were outside picketing the event with members of the [...]

Crowd-Surfing on Field Trips

Part of any good college-going program at the high school level is the field trips. Time and again, the kids that actually make it to college point out the field trips as being an important motivator by allowing them to see first-hand what college [...]

The Lost Art of the Handshake

The Lost Art of the Handshake

For many years now I have been conducting a social experiment in the doorway of my classroom. The subjects of my experiment have been all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some limp, others drool, many of them have trouble writing down the correct day of [...]

Dope Lessons for Urban Students: Figurative Language BATTLE

You are about to witness high schools students battling. But don't worry, it won't be them actually punching each other in the throat, like what you can find on YouTube simply by searching the name of your high school followed by the word "fights." [...]

Parent Outreach? Not in an Educational Landscape of Opposites

Oprah’s Teacher of the Year, Ron Clark, has an article on today about the drawbacks of parental involvement. He gives examples of teachers and even principals who are leaving education because they are so annoyed at having to deal with [...]

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