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Wednesday May 27th 2015

Free Curriculum: Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Fahrenheit 451

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All Teachers Are Assumed To Be Bad, But What If Everything You Do Works?

All Teachers Are Assumed To Be Bad, But What If Everything You Do Works?

The most annoying aspect of teaching, to me, is the continual assumption, by almost everyone I come into contact with in and out of the world of education, that I’m not doing my job. It is a weird place to be. It is like I walk around with this [...]

An Overdue Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,We’ve had this conversation before, so this time I wanted to write it down with the hope that next time you have the same question, I can simply refer you to this letter. It is an important letter because it seems to carry in it [...]

Why Do We Always Talk About Teachers, Not Administrators?

The discourse in education always disproportionately focuses on teachers, as if we are the root of all school evils. We never talk about ineffective Superintendents who make $250,000 a year but still need an $800 a month car allowance in a [...]

Crowd-Surfing on Field Trips

Part of any good college-going program at the high school level is the field trips. Time and again, the kids that actually make it to college point out the field trips as being an important motivator by allowing them to see first-hand what college [...]

One From the Vault: Teaching Against Culture

As I'm ramping up to start blogging full time again, I came across this one in the Teach4Real vault. I don't know why I didn't run it in April, it probably had something to do with STAR testing and wanting to pluck out my eyes with all the number [...]

Back-Pocket Poetry

Back-Pocket Poetry

Looking back on the year so far, I’ve decided to write about some of the best lessons I’ve done in the hopes it will give you ideas you can use in your own classrooms. I’ve made a category for it called “Lesson Plans.” My plan is to fill [...]