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Wednesday May 27th 2015

Free Curriculum: Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Fahrenheit 451

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Are We Value-Adding Non-Students?

With teacher evaluations being posted for the public to see, maybe we need to see some other things posted too. Below is a pretty common transcript of a Sophomore at my high school—this is not an actual student’s transcript, but looking at a [...]

Should Students Get to Evaluate Teachers? I Think So.

The debate about evaluating teachers is heating up. It isn’t heating up in any kind of real discussion by those who want to become president—they’d rather focus on whether or not to build an oil pipeline through one of our largest water [...]

All Assessments Are Not Created Equal

All Assessments Are Not Created Equal

In today’s climate of high stakes testing, I haven’t heard too many people talking about the tests themselves. For example, who is making these tests, and what are some problems we’re having with them here at the ground level?I’ll tell [...]

Education’s Dirty Little Secret

Education’s Dirty Little Secret

Imagine the following scenario. After two years of working at Bank of America, your boss tells you that it would be almost impossible for him to fire you. From here on out, your salary will crawl along a painfully slow path that never reaches [...]