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Saturday August 29th 2015

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Greatest Hits: Accepting the Fact That Nothing Will Change

Greatest Hits: Accepting the Fact That Nothing Will Change

After a year of blogging, I'm posting some of my most popular posts here at Teach 4 Real. With the middle class disappearing as we speak, I thought this REAL assessment of the state of education is particularly timely. At some point we all need to [...]

Taking Away the American Dream in Wisconsin

Growing up, weren’t we always told about the American Dream? Wasn’t it a nice house, two good cars, and a little plot of land on which our children could play? Weren’t we going to pay for all of this with humble jobs, like teaching, or perhaps [...]

Marching Against the Middle Class in Wisconsin

Let's forget about the fact that Scott Walker actually inherited a surplus when he took office as governor of Wisconsin. Lets forget about the fact that he got rid of that surplus by giving tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. And lets forget [...]